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Believe it or not, one particular post on MTL Blog is worse than the rest.  It’s the one with the snappy tittle of “British Girl Blows 24 Spanish Bros For Free Drink” and the tag line of “She was really thirsty.”

top half

This is wrong on many levels and one of the reasons we started this site. Aside from the fact this is incredibly misogynistic and is degrading to women, the tag line “She was really thirsty” is even more disrespectful since they are making a joke out of it.” You can even see the comments from a MTL Blog contributor laughing about people who have issue with this post and their practices.

not funny cencored

Another issue is this has nothing to do with Montreal. This is simply filler junk content, there is no rhyme or reason why it is there. There doesn’t even seem to be an SEO benefit for this, so why have it?

It hasn’t been removed from the site even though other people are complaining about it.  So let’s take this opportunity to turn a negative into a positive and hit them where it hurts, their pockets.

Sites like this only exist to make money and rely on advertisers.

As of today, we found 4 advertisers on their site (2 seem to be private ads other are from google ad network.)


Piknicelectronik @ Piknic web site here in association with Moog @moogaudio web site here. I included the advertising tracking code for Piknic so it’s clear that their ad is on this site. In case the picture isn’t enough proof.

mtl blog advertisers

Zoofest also has a large banner ad above that you can reach the via twitter  @zoofest or on their web site. They likely spent a chunk of change on the multi sided ad.  Zoofest is a local Montreal Festival and although I’m sure they love publicity like any advertiser, we doubt they want to be associated with content like this.


Feel free to link to this exact page so they can see their ad. If the post comes down, that is a victory to all.  If the post stays but the ads disappear then it is a step closer, either way this doesn’t work without multiple people taking to Twitter, Facebook and any other social media. Take the 10 seconds to send that tweet.

Remember only you can help stop MTL Blog by getting people to Un-follow them on Facebook. You can use our handy “Help! My friends are douchebags guide” as well as our “Help! My friends accidentaly liked MTL Blog” guides to Un-Following MTL Blog.



2 thoughts on “Be heard”

  1. Hate to break it to you but Piknic Electronik (and Igloofest, it’s the same people) is partners with MTL Blog. Check the Piknic website. They’re listed as partners. MTL Blog’s Igloofest preview was a copied and pasted press release (the whole thing, word for word) deceptively presented as an original article and Igloofest’s team endorsed and supported this behavior by posting links to MTL Blog’s paste job on various social media outlets, sending them traffic, new fans and advertising revenue.

    (Sorry for the repeat comment guys. I posted this same comment earlier today but under the wrong post.)

  2. Eep! I just realized I was inaccurate about something. It was actually The Main that copied and pasted the whole Igloofest press release but there’s no mention anywhere that their article is not really an article but a press release:

    Here’s the written press release for comparison:

    What MTLBlog did was copy and paste all the lineup jpg images:

    Now what both strategies are are a way to game the system on Google and get immediate traction on social media. If you’re the first to post, you often but not always get the best position. So with that being said, how can any honest writer just as dependent on traffic and advertising revenue ever compete with blogs that copy and paste press releases or who write 5th grade crap? Who do you think will manage to post first? The copy-and-paster or the writer/researcher who has to compose from scratch?

    It’s a wonderful strategy to drown out genuine reporting, especially if the PR people who wrote the press releases endorse and promote blogs who play along, to the point of spreading the copied and pasted or barely paraphrased message all over social media while leaving independent or no nonsense but well-researched articles to fend for themselves in an internet economy that depends on pageviews to survive. Sometimes, these PRs get their whole team and their marketing friends to push push push the copied and pasted crap all over Twitter and Facebook.

    There is one economic downfall for those who play this nasty game. Google hates this copy and paste shit. Google hates cheap content. And Google might put up with it for a bit but one day, this kind of blog could be targeted and penalized in such a harsh way that it might never recover. It’s happened many times before, killing businesses in one algorithmic swoop.

    But you know, if this is what the public wants, total fucking garbage and muted voices too scared to say anything critical, then fuck, maybe we should all stop trying so hard to produce amazing content. Maybe we should just throw in the towel, produce total generic shit that takes a fraction of the time (and don’t fact check, that takes too long) or just steal non-shit from others too stupid to realize they’re stupid. Talented stupid people are great for business! Yay!

    If you think the world is cold and unfair now, holy moly first worlders, brace yourselves.

    The sheeple have no fucking idea how brutal it’s going to be when it’s their turn to experience a violation so heartbreaking as everyone around them shrugs their shoulders and looks the other way because, tada!

    That’s what you’re supposed to do if you have any brain cells, right? Look the other way. Go with the flow.

    Put your head in the sand. And make sure to ask really nicely for some of that moenay first by kissing DAT ASS who’s holding the loot. Sure beats getting raped up DAT ASS like that idiot who’s trying to do right by his community. Because people trying to do the right thing and write honest work are fucking idiots, right guys?

    And what do you do with idiots? You exploit the motherfuckers. You laugh at their ideals. You kill their spirit. And you take whatever you can from them and then leave them in the cold. They’re idiots, after all. And hey, it’s not like it’s personal or anything.

    I’m amazed that the consequences of this behavior even need to be spelled out. We’ve all figured that wealth doesn’t trickle down (well, some “idiots” figured it out and the economics dude who actually coined the half-baked theory has too… can you believe he admitted that what he said isn’t true? Look it up.)

    Go ahead. Play the game. You be kissing dat ass a long time before a little gold nugget pops out just for you. And by the time it finally comes, you won’t even recognize yourself anymore. And the idiots? Whatever. They’re crying in the corner. They’ve given up trying to make their world more beautiful. Who cares.

    Was it all worth it?

    Fast forward to the end. At least one out of five of you will be sitting in that old folks home (probably more than that when the Boomers reach their 80s, and I’ll take a stab and guess that easily half of Millenials will be in this kinda home when they reach old age), a sack of sagging flesh and bones, of aches and pains at the mercy of whatever care worker is on their shift.

    (“I hope the caregiver doesn’t abuse you. Ohhh, she does? Awwww that sucks. But I’m gonna look the other way. It’s easier for me, you know? And you’re kinda bumming me out. Can’t we talk about unicorns and pretty cats and animal rights instead (only the cute animals though, okay)? Wait. Why are you crying? You thought people were going to stand up for you, like in the movies??? Oh honey. Don’t be an idiot. Look on the bright side. Maybe you’ll die soon. That should fix everything. Ohhhhh. That reminds me. I have to go. I have to organize this high-profile charity event that helps the poor promotes my brand! We might even raise something after cutting out expenses if I don’t spend too much on champagne!”)

    And you’re there, staring out a window, waiting to die. Was it worth it spending your whole life looking the other way? And did you make sure to teach your kids how bury their pretty little heads in the sand too and steal from idiots who give their all while trying to do the right thing?

    Yeah……..they don’t visit you much, do they. Doing the right thing would make THEM idiots.


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