MTL Blog Steals pic from Roasted

So today’s stolen content victim is local food blogger Roasted Montreal. who has an incredible site for food, parenting and is also a content writer for multiple other sites.

She has a good write up of Montreal’s popular Kazu along with plenty of photos, one of which is the Ramen Noodles with Pork pic seen below. This picture goes back to March 2011.

roasted montreal kazu orginal pic


Next on the block is the original photo but used on MTL Blog’s Ramen write up from May 2014, with no citation / source at all. In fact, most of this post is lacking any sources for the pictures and trust me, they can be found on other sites as original content.


mtl blog kazu rame stolen pic

Just another example of MTL Blog ripping off content from other bloggers and content creators.

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