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Virgin Radio 96 -Should know better

Today Virgin Radio 96‘s Facebook Page shared an MTL Blog post re: Jessica Biel. Now normally we complain about how MTL Blog steals photos and has questionable content but today we will call out Virgin Radio 96 for sharing and encouraging this.



 When a legitimate media outlet like Virgin Radio 96 shares MTL Blog’s postings, they lend legitimacy to posts like this:
top half
Yup all class all the way… Good job Virgin 96.
As well, on a related note, the post from the Virgin Radio FB post has an embedded photo from the moment it was posted. That photo is no longer there because it belongs to Journal de Montreal.
Now MTL Blog no longer has that pic up or links to Journal de Montreal. But when you post a link from FB, the image gets stuck in the post, it does not change unless you delete and re-post it. So Virgin Radio shows that photo was on the MTL Blog page. Someone at Journal de Montreal likely complained. We can’t tell for sure since we didn’t see the initial post, but MTL Blog’s poor track record and the Virgin 96 post would make us guess they stole that pic too.
This should not take away the fact that Virgin 96 should not be sharing and distributing content from a site that posts questionable content. Simply put, they are on par with a tabloid magazine in this instance. In fact, Le Journal the Montreal broke this story on July 23, while MTL Blog “broke” the story or, in this case, re-did it on July 24. Virgin should of just used the Journal de Montreal as their source, someone legitimate.