Fake News MTL Blog style

Click baiting is the annoying practice of having a splashy photo or engaging headline that bait people into clicking on the link. You likely see a dozen of these items in your Facebook feed. Items like top 25 way to lose weight, or you won’t believe what person x did and survived.  Years ago we called these tabloid headlines, although in an age where people have an attention span of 140 characters or less, this is all the more prevalent.

One of the ways MTL Blog builds its base of viewers is through Facebook. As we discussed in a previous post, MTL Blog get lots of Facebook traffic.  In fact, 46% of it comes from Facebook while 7.3% from Google. Because Facebook relies heavily on user generated content, a like or share makes a page more popular / visible.
So when MTL Blogs runs a story with headlines like “Old $2 Bills Are Now Worth $20, 000” – “If you held on to them you may now be rich. ” People automatically believe that old $2 bills are now worth $20,000. They think it’s possible because MTL Blog seems like it’s a newspaper.

2 dollar bill mtl blog

Now read that carefully, what does it say? It says that Old $2 Bills Are Now Worth $20, 000. So that $2 bill you have stuck in between the old Encyclopedia Britannica in your parents basement is going to make you rich.

What the headline doesn’t say is that only a certain amount of bills are valuable. This practice just tricks people into sharing the page and liking it. And since few people ever un-like Facebook pages, the payoff is enormous.

Things got so out of hand even Huff Post had to chime in and set the record straight by using this little thing known as research and journalism.


Some people may ask why is this a bad thing? Well if you are ok with the deceptive practice of link baiting, then maybe the fact that MTL Blog tries to pass itself off as news doesn’t bother you. Now a real journalist would laugh at that statement but ask yourself, what does their Facebook page say? Wait let me add some red arrows to it… Yup NEWSPAPER!!!!!


Now that we are done laughing, think about it. Some people think that MTL Blog is legitimate news. Well if you look at how often they put out content then you would think it’s a news outlet, and they do write about what’s going on and you see it everywhere thanks to the fact they have over 50,000 Facebook fans.

So when you see articles on a tornado heading to Montreal people may believe it. Oh and in case you think I’m sarcastic about a tornado touching down, please check out our post regarding this.

Remember only you can help stop MTL Blog by getting people to Un-follow them on Facebook. You can use our handy “Help! My friends are douchebags guide” as well as our “Help! My friends accidentaly liked MTL Blog” guides to Un-Following MTL Blog.

Friends don’t let friends like MTL Blog.


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