Help! My friends liked MTLblog – and they keep sharing their stuff – (They Don’t know Any Better – Version)

Ok so your friends like MTL Blog, they share those posts on Facebook and it drives you nuts.


The poor quality writing like this:  “The dating profiles of every Montreal Man” or in this case white hipsters (So much for Ethnic diversity in Montreal)

mtl blog whit ppl only


Or the Sexist and offensive posts like this recent one

mtl blog no class


The only problem is that unlike MTL Blog and their douchetastic content your friends are not douchebags  and using our handy douchebag MTL Blog guide will just offend them and start a Facebook fight.

So here are some tips.

  1. Use this link to identify all your friends who like MTL Blog .
  2. Don’t judge them. We all clicked on a link we didn’t want to, or liked something on Facebook by accident.
  3. Contact them directly and tell them that sexist trash like this post by Max Joseph / Max Bledstein ( or whatever he calls himself)   is one of the many reasons they should not like and share MTL Blog content on Facebook “British Girl Blows 24 Spanish Bros For Free Drink

Here is some logic as to why we ask people to UN-follow MTL Blog. MTL Blog is ranked site #256 in Canada as per Alexa.  This is bad because it means people are reading this trash. In fact they spend 2:53 minutes on average on this site.  The majority of their traffic, 46% comes from Facebook and their second highest source is Google at a lowly 7.3%. This means that almost all of their traffic comes from Facebook. So if people un-follow MTL Blog on Facebook they will starve and get less traffic. Less traffic means less advertising money. Do the math. Spread the word, Stop MTL Blog.



One thought on “Help! My friends liked MTLblog – and they keep sharing their stuff – (They Don’t know Any Better – Version)”

  1. ALSO, just the f*cking inaccuracy of this obviously paid-advertising site! The dumb, standardized list templates for things like ‘The Ten Best Secret Places in Mtrl’, etc. are plagiarized bits from tourist guides and history books, rewritten to sound ‘swag’ and first-person. But there’s zero fact-checking nor updating of often badly outdated material, and if you know even a little about the city you can just tell that the authors are not really familiar with most of the people/places/things covered! I assume that whoever is currently listed as the figurehead editor of this scam sheet is just the local franchisee—and that this is an advertising platform, appearing in a similar format in a bunch of North American cities? I’d rather read the phone book.

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