Help! My friends liked MTLblog – and they keep sharing their stuff – (Douchebag Version)

Ok so your friends like Mtl Blog and keep sharing their rather UN-original and offensive posts, such  as this sexist and awful GEM

mtl blog no class
Or this UN-original post on dating Montreal men or in this case white hipsters (I could have sworn Montreal had some ethnic diversity)


mtl blog whit ppl only


So it’s clear your friends are douchebags. Douchebags aren’t real people so you can rip into them for being douchebags. Some of them don’t even like being referred to as douchebags so there is a chance they may snap out of it and become normal people.  Meanwhile, while they are still in their douche bag period here is a helpful link that will show you all your friends on Facebook that follow MTL Blog and you can post it as well as this link asking people to un-follow MTL Blog.  If you use the word douchebag in the post maybe your friends will feel ashamed as well and change their ways and you will have done your good deed for the month. Here is the link

Here is some logic as to why we ask people to UN-follow MTL Blog. MTL Blog is ranked site #256 in Canada as per Alexa.  This is bad because it means people are reading this trash. In fact they spend 2:53 minutes on average on this site.  The majority of their traffic, 46% comes from Facebook and their second highest source is Google at a lowly 7.3%. This means that almost all of their traffic comes from Facebook. So if people un-follow MTL Blog on Facebook they will starve and get less traffic. Less traffic means less advertising money. Do the math. Spread the word, Stop MTL Blog.




3 thoughts on “Help! My friends liked MTLblog – and they keep sharing their stuff – (Douchebag Version)”

  1. Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch. My god, this site is no better. You’re trying to get attention by shitting on someone else. This speaks volumes about the type of person you are. So people like a little entertainment, and this offends you? Life must suck if it takes you so little to get butthurt.

  2. Jason, ad hominen attacks seem to be your forte!

    Yes, a little entertainment is great, but plagiarism isn’t.

    Charging businesses for coverage isn’t cool.
    Stealing from other local writers hard work isn’t cool.

    All of this should illegal… I urge people to contact their member of parliament to enact laws that will regulate blog ethics.

    People are standing up to this MTLblog bullshit, which is most likely funded by unscrupulous ad firms and seeks to erode fair journalism.

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