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At the end of July we were forced to leave the previous hosting company we were at and had to find a new, secure hosting and domain name. This as well as the possibility of getting a lawyer were not cheap. We don’t make money off this site, we simply share what we find. So we are asking for donations to help defray our costs, 1$, 2$, anything will be welcome. We are using bitcoins as a safe and anonymous means of transfer. You can send your coins to the address above, or if you are new to bitcoin, go to a local bitcoin ATM, locations can be foundĀ here. Bring your phone and display the QR code below, when the machine asks you where to send money. Bitcoins are safe, and fully anonymous, there is no overarching organization that will stop them because of some baseless complaint. Should you wish to help, any amount would be appreciated.

bitcoin donation QR Code

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