How to steal other peoples photos 101

MTL Blog has a nasty habit of taking other peoples content without asking their permission. Case and point, this bring your own wine article where they use a picture that belongs to a local blogger Will Travel for food.

You can see their displeasure by the comment on the stolen photo in this screen grab. The text reads “It would be nice of you to give credit and place a link back when you take a photo without the author’s permission (even nicer if you ask!), as in the photo of Raza you stole from me since I don’t remember you asking if you could use it. ”

comment raza

The original post, from 2011, can be see here.

raza will travel


The stolen photo is still up and can be seen below.


raza review


Not only is the photo is still up, the post/complaint from June 2nd has not yet been acknowledged. People may not think that this is a bad thing since we all use photos from the internet. However the problem with this is that this blogger worked hard on the post, the photo and they paid for that meal. So one can assume that photo alone cost around $20-$40. To take the intellectual property of someone who created that content without permission is not okay. Simply put, you the hard work of someone else and making profit off of it. Remember, there are ads on the site so content = ad revenue. Keep in mind the post has more space given to the photo than the actual text so clearly they value it but not enough to ask for permission.

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