MLT Blogs sorry not sorry apology letter

So here is a more in depth recap of MTL Blogs “A Love Letter To Montreal” or as others have been calling it, the sorry not sorry apology.

The first thing I noticed is this is long, like really long. MTL Blog never writes this much so it seems that people’s complaints are not falling on deaf ears.

So yesterday we briefly went over this gem of a letter and gave an initial gut feeling on this Love Letter To Montreal as well as a link to the Twitter responses you can read that post here.

So lets take a closer look at some of their claims and apply logic and reason, i.e. expose the lies.

MTL Blog apology letter

Let’s start with “We are sorry to any we have led astray, or made weary with informational/grammatical errors. A small team of only several individuals, we lack the resources to ensure perfection in the plethora of content pumped out each day, yet we should regardless. Continue to keep us honest, because under your watchful eye we will be ever vigilant to maintain a level of excellence fitting of your viewership.”

OK so we all know they can’t spell and maybe the small army of 29 people working there in some fashion can’t spell either apparently. One would assume with such a “small team” this would not be an issue, even if you remove the photographers and only focus on content producers (I have issues calling them writers) then you should be able to get a competent editor or 2.  I mean, they aren’t checking for facts or that photos aren’t stolen, so what exactly are they doing?

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 7.53.05 PM (2)

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 7.53.17 PM (2)

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 7.53.27 PM (2)

Now I can’t help laughing at the part they say “to maintain a level of excellence fitting of your viewership.” So when they say viewership, who do they mean? Well since their audience is mainly from Facebook, which constitutes around 70% of their traffic, we can safely make that assumption. One of the nice things about Facebook is that you can see stats on Facebook pages. So when we see that the age group is 18-24, this reinforces our theory that this site is targeted to Cegep kids and University kids.

FB Stats

They get to addressing the part where they have been stealing bloggers content as well as media stories and repackaging them. Well sort of … “We are sorry to any and all in the Montreal community, from artists to fellow media contributors, for whom we have slighted, in any form. The ethics of the internet are ever-evolving, and our lack of initial experience on the subject has led to unacceptable errors on our end, creating a rift between ourselves and certain others. We have taken note of your griefs and concerns, and know we will do all in our power to remake our relationships into an equal exchange, where all can benefit. Help us to improve, and so will you.”

Here is a tip on how to help them improve. Stop stealing stuff. Ask permission before taking pictures. If you find it on Google, look where it comes from, there’s a source for everything. Also there are services out there than scan images for the original copyright holder. You should try using them. In fact, look at all your food posts and assume they are stolen. You can narrow it down further and look at articles from Bledstein/Joseph, Fulginiti and D’Alimonte. Those are the 3 whom we get the most results for in terms of posts with stolen images or stolen / re-edited content. What’s odd is that Bledstein (or Joseph as he switches names) has journalism experience with the McGill Tribune so one would assume he would know better but his posts are loaded with stolen pics. Fulginiti is a blogger herself  with a food site ( and of all the people MTL Blog pissed off, bloggers are up in arms over their content being stolen. It’s sad one of their own is part of the problem.  As for D’Alimonte, all I can say is I hope you don’t plan a future in real journalism because many reporters already hate you, trust me, I get their emails.

 For anyone working or considering working for MTL Blog consider this, you are in poor company and if you think it’s good to have on your CV, think twice as it will not open any industry doors if they look at the content on the site and MTL Blog’s poor track record.

Rounding out our last section is this doozy “Lastly, we are truly sorry to any we may have offended with our content. Displeasure among our viewership is never our intent, and at times we have seemed insensitive and altogether crass and uneducated. We will never hold back our thoughts or opinions, but we understand the emotion certain topics and themes can invoke, and so, moving forward, we will always think about how you will feel, and not solely use our own personal perspective when sharing across our network.”

 All I have to say is why is this post still up? What does it have to do with Montreal? Why are you such douchebags? If you really care how people feel, take it down.

mtl blog no class


Remember only you can help stop MTL Blog by getting people to Un-follow them on Facebook. You can use our handy “Help! My friends are douchebags guide” as well as our “Help! My friends accidentaly liked MTL Blog” guides to Un-Following MTL Blog.

As a bonus here’s some of the comments from the initial post. Normally we don’t suggest you ever go to MTL Blog which on the reasons we use screen grabs, but the comments on their post are pure old. Here are some exerts so you get an idea of peoples frustration.

“This is such a long-winded half apology. Being “youthful and inexperienced” isn’t an excuse for lacking basic research and editing skills. Let’s call it what it is: laziness. Righting your wrongs is something you should’ve done a long time ago. If a reader points out a mistake, whether it big or small, fix it and make sure it never happens again! So simple. And don’t be so bold as to rebuke anyone who challenges you. Point is, you could’ve avoided having to write a post like this. Regardless, I wish you luck and hope you achieve credibility.”

“Yes, the ethics of the internet are ever-evolving. Because in ancient times there was no law or ethics or common sense; ’twas a Sodom and Gomorrah of content theft, neighbour pillaging neighbour, Judean blogger, Galilean photographer and Samaritan tumblr alike; until the Webmaster Moses came unto them with a tablet device full of commandments and terms of service and said unto them THOU SHALT NOT SIMPLY COPY-PASTE, PLUS THERE’S THAT LOGIC AND GRAMMAR THING but lo, they did not heed in their prideful wickedness; and verily did the Lawyers smite them with the hammer of DMCA.”
“This is an incredibly pretentious and terribly written piece. It veers between overt self-congratulation, pointless floridity, and unconvincing humblebraggy apologies.I never had a huge problem with MTLBlog. Sure, it was full of errors (both grammatical and, more concerningly, factual) and most of the content was useless fluff seemingly designed for 19-year-old McGill kids straight out of rez who were looking for cool things to do in the city. But a select few of the articles were entertaining and I legitimately learned about a lot of interesting events through it. Montreal has so many things happening that we’re in desperate need of a good blog that collects some of the best ones for us.But to respond to the genuine criticism of the site with this is just inexplicable to me. You didn’t need to write an open letter taking single-handed credit for bringing about “a level of adoration and glory for Montreal unseen for many decades,” you just need to hire a goddamn copy editor–or at least have SOMEONE read over the articles once or twice before hitting “publish.” Also, vaguely fact-checking the things you write would be appreciated.I genuinely hope you guys can turn this blog into something awesome. Best of luck.

EDIT: Oh, wait, just realized you guys are getting hated on because you stole content and photographs from other websites, not just for posting shitty articles. Screw you guys.”





One thought on “MLT Blogs sorry not sorry apology letter”

  1. Just biding their time until Post Media or someone offers to buy out their super cool, super engaging online publication. The reality is anyone over the age of 25 with a brain or an ounce of discerning critique will never take it seriously or ever consider buying anything they are selling as sponsored ads.

    Essentially a couple of dorks got together and figured out how Facebook works using Arianna Huffington’s model of not paying anybody. Nothing that can’t be replicated many times over in this weak market that left a black hole after all english alternative media was eradicated– albeit with better content and weighted merit to boot that only requires a tad more effort.

    Take some solace in the projection that the buck will stop in Montreal, as the other larger and similar cities are well dug in and represented.

    Unlike the Gazette, who pay their employees, there is a difference between conversion traffic and low buying power traffic. The ‘stats’ they care so much about are skewed, much like their journalistic integrity.

    Traditional media is treated with a higher degree of respect and trust by audiences despite how little it seems they are pushing on one social platform– in this case manipulating Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm. These audiences are generally older and have deeper wallets, which is why you will never see big ticket items like real estate or automotive retail on a poor demographically represented site like MTL Blog. Furthermore, understand the right-place-right-time effect taken advantage of in Montreal when all forms of alternative media were all but eradicated (Hour, Mirror, to french only).

    The point is, if this online publication was truly worth a fuck, they would have already lined up and secured significant capital investment or received an offer by now as their meteoric, unchallenged rise has taken a year. The stark reality is the audience giving them traffic is complete whitewashed junk, much like the rebranded scrappy content catering to them.

    In the meantime though:

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