MTL Blog and their non apology

So MTL Blog posted its apology letter or, as they call it, love letter to Montreal with the title of “You’re welcome, and we’re sorry.”

I’m on vacation with limited internet so I will keep this reply short. It’s barely an apology and the Twitter comments on this are golden.

Feel free to click on this link for the twitter blow up.

The first few paragraphs are basically them professing how great they are and how they are changing/challenging the media establishment – “we’ve proven anyone can disrupt the media monopoly and social dynamics built and enforced by the generation of our elders.”

If by disrupting the media establishment they mean stealing other peoples images and content, then I guess they are right.

Let’s be clear, MTL Blog is not Vice Magazine, not Eater, they are not revolutionaries like Che Guevara. They are a very douchy version of Buzz Feed.

I love the part where they say, “Our unmatched knowledge of events, parties, and general goings-on has given you a new level of understanding of the city.”

I should point out that they charge for event coverage (rates aren’t public) but when other blogs do that, it’s called a sponsored post and it’s clearly stated. MTL Blog does not state anything regarding fees.

Here are some of our favourites Tweets

One thought on “MTL Blog and their non apology”

  1. I think you should publish a screen grab of the “team” (it’s easy to find on the site) ASAP and post it here so that we have a permanent online record of who’s involved in this. In addition to publishing the screen grab, make sure to type up each name manually as well. Maybe make it a list too so that Google indexes each name in search so they can be easily outed every time a future employer does the usual background check. You’ll be providing society with a public service.

    They have fucked up so bad, this requires a permanent, searchable record. And consequences. Let this post follow them for years to come. They need to learn what happens in the world of grownups when you pass the point of no return. This is not high school. This is life. Let this serve as an example of what happens when you pillage people’s work for profit while lying to the public about what’s an advertisement and what’s actual journalism.

    Every name on that list deserves to be blacklisted by every major media outlet. These are people in their 20s, for crying out loud. They know better.

    Anybody with a team of 29 cheats, liars and thieves can rack up their pageviews in the same amount of time. This is not an achievement. This is base-level bullshit. Not one of these individuals deserves to make a living in this industry. Or any industry. Who wants a bottom feeder on their team whose inflated sense of self, absent moral compass and pathetic work ethic might cost them a lawsuit and their good name? I’ve seen more competent work from 17-year-olds published in cegep newspapers.

    Mark my words. This arrogance, incompetence, fraudulence and illegal activity will cost them their dreams. Every single one of them.

    (Side note: thank you for starting this blog, anonymous one. Thank you for making a difference.)

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