Reporting events MTL Blog style

So a while ago MTL Blog started making a move towards “reporting” news.  Now, as those words get read, journalists everywhere shed a tear as what they love gets associated to an aggregating trashy local buzzfeed. You can see some of their attempts to make a shift have an image of a news site by reporting spotting of  famous people  people or writing about Montreal based issues like air BnB.

In both cases, they stole / borrowed heavily from legitimate news organizations. So one of the constant content streams from MTL Blog is covering parties. I mean other sites do it and quite well.
Nightlife has been doing it for ages as well as CultMTL for shows. So we weren’t too shocked when we saw that MTL Blog charges for covering certain events. Their rate card is below, although there are no listed prices.



Although someone pointed out  recently that a rate card with prices had slipped out a while ago. The tumblr page Fucknomontreal posted a copy a while ago and the rates range from $80 to $160.  Now this is an older rate card and odds are the rate has gone up.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 1.08.23 AM (2)

Some of the requirements are funny:

  1. The photo album needs to be shared via your official Facebook and Twitter channels the next day.
  2. We will not accept to cover any party/club events under 150 attendees.
  3. Cancellation fee: If the event is cancelled for any reason, there are less [sic] people than expected, and/or the photographer is sent home for any reason, the payment will still be due regardless. MTL Blog must be informed 24hrs in advance if the event is cancelled.

I mean I guess if you want that 18-24  Cegep and undergrad demographic, this is money well wasted. There’s also the added benefit of being associated with a site that steals its content.

Although implying that it does event coverage and having people think it’s media is wrong, they are charging people for publicity, which is a PR company, plain and simple.

The danger is the more and more content they push and move toward some kind of news outlet, people will think that they are real media and are covering news. Putting news in the hands of a PR company is a dangerous thing. They have already made posts that are mysogynist, as well as fake news to stir up interest and traffic. So imagine what happens when they wiggle their way and get people to think that they are actual news, or heaven forbid, legitimate.

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