Stolen pic part II – MTL Blog steals from La Pantry

Mtl Blog is consistent, I’ll give them that.  But it’s not a compliment.  Once again, they have failed to ask for consent to post other peoples picture. We have a repeat offense very similar to our last post on the picture from a local blogger.

This time it is La Pantry who had their photo stolen. As you can see the original photo below is from December 2011.

le pantry original


While the stolen pic is used in a December 2013 article (seen below).

mtl blog stolen pic from le pantry


Normally when people want something they ask for it. When people just take it that’s called theft. Le Pantry spent money, time and effort on that post, and to have another site use that image without permission is simply wrong. What makes things worse is we have confirmation from La Pantry that they requested that the image be removed repeatedly and nothing happened.

We had success thanks to our last article when a single tweet got the content taken down. It seems that public shaming is the only way to get stolen content taken down.


It’s unfortunate that hard working people have to find their work on someones for profit site without their consent.

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  1. Hi, this is Eve Martel from La Pantry and Tellement Swell. I just want to say that I mentioned that I wanted this pic removed on a share they published on Facebook at the end of June. It was never acknowledged, but the fb share is now gone…

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