Stolen pics part III


For those who missed our articles showcasing how MTL Blog stole photos from 2 local bloggers, here’s another.

Local blogger Montreal Breakfast Review had their image used by MTL Blog and was able to get it down thanks to a tweet shaming MTL Blog. The MTL Blog stolen pic is no longer up but the previous screen grab shows the image in question.  You can see the back and forth on twitter.

mtl blog steals brunch


This was taken from a 2009 blog post found  here.  This is the 2nd stolen picture on the same post from MTL Blog. The 1st being from La Pantry and the write up can be seen here.


Thanks to the a tweet calling out MTL Blog, the image was removed. You can see the back and forth on twitter.

 A similar approach was used by Will Travel for Food regarding their image being stolen. Turns out that when you publicly call out MTL Blog they take down the stolen image. So if anyone has content stolen by them, please let us know and do use social media to call them out on it.

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  1. Hate to break it to you but Piknic Electronik (and Igloofest, it’s the same people) is partners with MTL Blog. Check the Piknic website. They’re listed as partners. MTL Blog’s Igloofest preview was a copied and pasted press release (the whole thing, word for word) deceptively presented as an original article and Igloofest’s team endorsed and supported this behavior by posting links to MTL Blog’s paste job on various social media outlets, sending them traffic, new fans and advertising revenue.

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