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MTL Blog – Stealing content month after month

Some bloggers have contacted MTL Blog in the past regarding  their photos being used without consent.  In some cases, all they want is recognition and a link pointing to the source. You know like when you write a paper and have to cite your work.

Well here’s a not so funny story of what happened to Montreal Food Pictures.

In regards to 2 photos being used without permission, Montreal Food Pictures got through to MTL Blog and asked to credit the photos and link back to the source.

In an email from Montreal Food Photos, they said, “The first time, the editor excused himself saying that the intern was clueless and didn’t know that she has to put credit. The second time, the editor did not apologize…”

mtl blog stolen pic bbq 1


The first incident was in April, the 2nd incident in May and the most recent one in June (see below).


MTL Blog post with stolen picture dated 2014/06
MTL Blog post with stolen picture dated 2014/06


Montreal Food Pics Original Post dated 2013/08
Montreal Food Pics Original Post dated 2013/08

As you can see there is no source mention on the above picture.  If you look at the incidents you will notice that we have 1 every month and the excuse offered by MTL Blog staff of the intern was clueless and didn’t know that she has to put credit is a lie to make it seem like they didn’t do anything bad. Pleading ignorance or that it was a simple mistake only works once, not multiple times, like in this case where the norm seems to be taking the photo without asking for it and the consolation prize is adding a citation and a link.

It’s important to note that MTL Blog makes money of off pictures because their text based content is so short. In fact, the pickle post is only 57 words, compared to the 372 words in the original post by Montreal Food Picture.  I mean, only 57 words, I’ve seen txt messages longer than that.

I think a comment made by Montreal Food Pictures best summarizes the frustration by those who have their photos stolen.

 “You can’t imagine how much effort I put in to take pictures and put some finishing touches. I have been learning food photography for over 5 years, trying to improve myself every day in taking better pictures. It sucks for a person who takes my pic without crediting, without being considerate how much effort that has been put into this work.”


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Help! My friends liked MTLblog – and they keep sharing their stuff – (Douchebag Version)

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mtl blog no class
Or this UN-original post on dating Montreal men or in this case white hipsters (I could have sworn Montreal had some ethnic diversity)


mtl blog whit ppl only


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