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How to make content MTL Blog style

We recently stumbled across a content guide sheet from MTL Blog. We felt it would be interesting to share with others who are interested in the inner workings of MTL Blog and how they generate content. It shows scheduling times and you can see the demographics they target, i.e. college kids, university students.

mtl blog content diagram

What’s interesting is that the target demographic here is up to young workers but their ad package states up to age 34. Granted the definition of young is a generic term, however, advertisers prefer older demographics, because the 30 plus demographic has more disposable income.  Cegep and university kids have limited disposable income since they have rent, tuition, books, and students tend to either not work or have part time jobs. What’s funny is that Facebook stats show that MTL Blog’s demographic is 18-24, a far cry from the up to 34 demographic that is pushed in their ad package and promised coverage to advertisers, but that’s another issue for another day.


mtl blog likes


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