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MTL Blog harrassing local artists

So a recent petition has been posted on change.org for a band called Archery Guild. They have been getting harassed by the collection department of MTL Blog. This was over a show that MTL Blog went to cover and even though no contract was ever signed, they are sending this band a bill with interest.

Now we have discussed how MTL Blog is not a real news site since newspapers don’t charge for coverage of shows. Although their situation is a little more complicated since they re-post news-like stories in order to imply legitimacy.

We have seen that MTL Blog does charge for events as seen here and the following is a testimonial showcasing the frustration of a small local artist getting harassed and shaken down by a larger marketing / PR company aka (MTL Blog).

Please take the time to fill out the petition and spread the word. Twitter also happens to be a great way to get MTL Blog to do stuff since they only react when put on the spot as evidenced by past experiences with local bloggers.

mtl blog bill

An excerpt from the post states the following:

Although you’re posting as a blog, you’re not. You’re a PR service. In the criteria, you stated that payment must be made before the event. I didn’t pay before the event, and I didn’t sign anything saying that I would. This is why I’m wondering what gives you the leverage to add interest and tax. If there were a contract, it would be a different story. There was no contract, this was your responsibility.


MTL Blog Petition