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MTL Blog and it’s Sponsored content

So recently Marois & Moi  did a write up on MTL Blog’s rate card and fee to cover events.  This was originally leaked on Fuck No Montreal back in April and we did a write up last week.

Now it’s clear that MTL Blog charges to cover events as they have an inquire within rate card with no prices on their site.


Here is the leaked email on Fuck No Montreal

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 1.08.23 AM (2)

As well, they flat out admit it in an interview posted on Canadalandshow where they say “Lapointe sees MTLBlog as a ‘mixed’ media-brand. The young company has been exploring native advertising, with resulting stories stamped ‘sponsored content’ on the site.”

sponsored content in canadaland article

Although a comment on the Marois and Moi article caught our eye.

MTL_Blog_just_got_caught_in_a_legal_grey_zone…_marois_&_moi_ comment

The comment reads “I’m a bar owner and I occasionally use MTL Blog’s services to cover my events. They do a great job! I guess you have to be in this business to understand that finding a professional photographer that’ll shoot your event, edit the pictures, send them to you the morning after and share them on a popular cultural blog for under 150$ is a no brainer. Stop complaining and get a life.”

We did some digging and found that the name on this comment is tied to a local bar, Nacho Libre, and MTL Blog has covered it multiple times like they do with other bars. You can even see the MTL Blog water mark on the picture. Because MTL Blog would hate it for someone to steal their picture. You know, like they have to many local bloggers

Although something about these pics and the statement admitting they charge seemed off. It’s not marked as sponsored content. MTL Blog will mark some items as sponsored – it shows up on the home page and on the post in an orange highlight.

The posts done on Nacho Libre are not marked sponsored and it implies it is organic. This is a deceptive practice because readers will assume it is a non-paid advertisement. When people know they are being sold something they react differently. Now this is not an uncommon practice. Food bloggers get invited to openings and give reviews that are a form of advertising but some will state that it is a media event. Often if you state you have sponsored content, (which MTL Blog clearly has as seen in screenshots above) readers can make the conscious decision to filter paid content from organic content.

Although since MTL Blog’s Nacho Libre coverage of events is not labeled paid content, then people think this is an organic coverage and is news, albeit social news, and not to be confused with real grownup news with real reporters tackling real issues (but that’s another issue)

So for those reading events on MTL Blog do be aware that you may be marketed to even if it seems like normal party coverage. As well, we should note that Nacho Libre has another bar opening called Brutus and MTL Blog has been writing hype articles on upcoming bacon focused items. The posts are not labeled sponsored but you can tell that they are building up hype the same way that PR and marketing companies do, although when you leverage a seemingly neutral source for content that’s when you blur the line and are tricking people/lying to them.

brutus mtl blog

brutus mtl blog poutine advertisement

brutus mtl blog sushi advertisement





Twitter shame, the only way to get MTL Blog to take down content they stole

So in one of our earliest posts we wrote about how MTL Blog stole the picture from La Pantry. In it we stated that a tweet and public shaming is the only way it seems to get MTL Blog to take down picture.

The pic in question was originally used in an article covering 7 places to have brunch in Montreal and then in a post on MTL Blog in which they cover 21 Montreal hangover restaurants.

le pantry original

Now ignore the fact that any article with the title of “Best Montreal Hangover Breakfast Restaurants” that lists 21 establishments is not really the ‘best of’ but rather simply a really long list of places that serve breakfast.

mtl blog stolen pic from le pantry


Now in our initial article we said that calling them out on Twitter was the only way to get this done and other bloggers like Will Travel for Food and Montreal Breakfast Review had success with this approach. La pantry had to go that route even though we wrote about this early on and MTL Blog is aware that we exist as evidenced by their take down attempt near the end of July.



Now MTL Blog took down the pic and replaced it with another one, although, they seemed to neglect doing their due diligence and going over all 20 plus spots to see if the pic is still there. Guess what? It’s there.  See below on how even after the tweet and take down of the initial pic the photo is still up. I took a screen grab with the date and time as well as well as better shot of the post itself and url.

This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. I mean, there it is, number 19 of 21, the same photo that they took down as the cover is used in the exact same post.  The excuses of being young, inexperienced, and understaffed are simply poor excuses. It took me less than a minute to find this.

mtl blog still stealing


mtl blog le pantry number 19







MLT Blog doesn’t like it when you hurt their feelings

So recently on of our favourite parody sites SooMTL had their facebook page taken down. Although Facebook never says why, it’s likely related to the action by MTL Blog as we experienced when their complaint letter took down the server we used to be hosted on. You can read up on all the messy details here.

fb take down sooonotmlt


In fact the complaint letter we received was sent twice, the first time MTL Blog got the facts wrong (much like their articles) and confused us for Blog Mtl aka SooMTL. Here is an excerpt of their email (do note that I changed the url destination on their site name since no one should ever end up on that site).

“We have received multiple complaints from many users that think that this blog is our site (they call themselves Blog MTL). It is a misleading, ironic, sarcastic and slander website created by a group of individuals that want to ruin our reputation with local clients and users (in Montreal, Canada). Our company and website is MTL Blog, Inc (http://www.mtlblog.com) and we need this site removed as soon as possible. It is affecting the credibility of our business and thus affecting our ad revenue and potential client growth.”

letter part 2

We had a feeling they were going to go after SooMtl so we reached out to them and let them know. Now taking down something on facebook isn’t impossible although next on their target is their web site. It’s hosted on wordpress so that in theory should require a little more rigour and being a parody site is not a crime, in fact in this case their posts are more enjoyable than MTL Blogs. I’m a particular fan of the top 10 Mtl although I also love the Chad references.

It’s refreshing to see that MTL Blog now has a value for intellectual property. You know that thing they often disregard when they take content from other people without asking for it or referencing it. For examples, feel free to look here, here, here, here….  You get my drift.

The good news is that SooMTL has a new Facebook page,  twitter and instagram account.account. Bad news is that MTL Blog will likely keep trying to shut them down. Maybe someone out there should complain to their host and Facebook regarding stolen content. You can look them up on their whois record although they use cloudflare for DNS so it’s a little harder to find the server. But there a mechanism for copyright infringement cases, you just need to read up on it, good luck you will need it for that.

As a parting gift we just notice something and figured we should share it with you. We discovered that there are other domains registered to the same package. We saw some other sites registered to the same IP. The one called chucksbrand seemed like a lifestyle site based on MTL Blogs CEO’s name. Not sure if it’s a future project or an old project and the dailybabe.co is not up yet but we can assume that it will be 100% class.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 11.20.23 PM (2)

Remember only you can help stop MTL Blog by getting people to Un-follow them on Facebook. You can use our handy “Help! My friends are douchebags guide” as well as our “Help! My friends accidentaly liked MTL Blog” guides to Un-Following MTL Blog.