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MLT Blog copies from The Main

Dumplings, we all love them as does MTL Blog. The only thing they seem to love more is stealing photos. This time it’s a lovely dumpling pic from The Main’s Battle Dumpling article.

the main original article

As you can see the main has a nice picture and thorough article on Dumplings in Montreal, published back in 2013.

But wait, what’s this, the same picture on MTL Blog with no citation mention done in a 2014 article.

mtl blog stolen dumplings from the main
Here’s what will likely happen. If the man has an issue they will contact MTL Blog. MTL Blog will blame some intern, then put a link after the fact. This is not the 1st time nor will it be the last. Feel free to read our last post regarding other bloggers who had their photos stolen MULTIPLE times.

Playing the blame the intern card or oops we got it from Google and didn’t know game is like a cheating partner saying they won’t do it again and then they go out and do it again, multiple times over.

Here’s a rule of thumb to help avoid this: ASK FOR PERMISSION BEFORE POSTING. Assume your picture does not belong to you and ask the content creator if you can use it. It’s just an email or tweet away, often they will say yes.


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Friends don’t let friends like MTL Blog.