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Hasthtag hijacking by MTL BLog staff

So after the dust settled from theĀ #askmtlblog smack down, I ended up back on the link for a post I had just put up and saw that the hashtag had one last person give it a kick and add some tail end content for blatant visibility.

What are you doing this week end? #askmtlblog Here’s what! [insert bullshit mtl blog link] #montreal #MTLBlog

This is when you take a long breath and realize that no matter what happens, no matter what people come out and say to MTL Blog, they will always worm their way to get extra traffic and clicks by being deceptive.

Using a url shortener makes people more likely to click on the link and to be honest this is borderline spam. I should also note that MTL Blog did like this tweet and that Maya Dee, aka Marialys Diaz, is an MTL Blog employee, but spam is spam and MTL Blog will continue to be MTL Blog no matter what they say or who they blame for their inapptitude and laziness.

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