Tornado in Montreal??? Link Baiting MTL Blog style

Sometimes MTL Blog must drink on the job or be really busy huffing paint because this so called “article,” lovingly  titled “Tornado Warning Issued For MontrealHold on to your dicks because things are about to get stormy: ” is classic link baiting and 100% false. You can read some of the comments at the bottom of the post.


Some of my favourites are:

“Why is there no other source for this warning? literally no other source on the internet.”

“This is a DANGEROUS post in many ways, There is NOTHING in any of the weather charts or official sources to say that Tornadoes will occur, Warnings from Environment Canada are issued when threatening weather IS occurring not if it might.
There are people who are scared of thunderstorms and this post does NOTHING to ease that fear, posts like this are also why people DO NOT listen to official warnings when they are issued.
Being a qualified weather observer and someone who knows a lot about Meteorology, I suggest you think before scaring people for no reason.”

“mtlblog seems to be the only “source” predicting Tornadoes in Montreal. MétéoMédia on the other hand says that there will be 20-30mm of rain over a 16 hour period, with possibly storms in the afternoon and evening with 15km/h winds. If, however a tornado does pass through Montreal tomorrow, I will eat my words and apologize publicly, and award this site the meteorologist of the year.”

So if by tornado they mean rain, then yes, it did rain. It also rained many times since and apparently it snows in the winter too.  I wonder what kind of meteorological condition they will come up with in winter? I also included a video since MTL Blog apparently doesn’t read or check its facts.  I should warn you, it is 2:50 so if you work at or read MTL Blog this may be 2:45 too long and full of those annoying things called facts.

I also want to take the time to highlight the problem with posts like this by MTL Blog. People may think they are an actual news site.  Ask any journalist, read any of their posts and you will see that they are not real news, they are more gossip and page fillers with the intent to sell banner ads.

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